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About me

Music has been a focal point of my life for as long as I can remember.
I record, teach, arrange and perform, trying to explore music through the
world & explore the world through music.

 I was born in Tel Aviv (ISR) to a very musical family, and was exposed to music from a very early age.

At age 7, I began to play the Saxophone and attended the Tel Aviv School of Arts and the Thelma Yellin High School of Arts. I was fortunate to study under the direction of the finest musicians and teachers in Israel, including Gan Lev, Amit Golan (r.i.p), Ilan Salem, Omri Mor, Daniel Zamir and Yuval Cohen.

Following my graduation, I devoted my time to producing music, as well as learning the trumpet, keys, bass and synths. Meanwhile, I became a Saxophone instructor at the Mikey Music Conservatory & the Tel Aviv School of Arts.


In 2015, I was one of the four founding members of Alaska Snack Time. The band released two albums and got on a big variety of stages such as
IndieNegev Festival (ISR 🇮🇱), Jazz In The Park Festival (ROM 🇷🇴),
Ziro Festival of Music (IND 🇮🇳) and more.

Since 2015, I have had the opportunity to perform, tour, record, produce and work with many local artists and productions across various genres. These artists include Hoodna Orchestra, Subliminal,
J. Lamotta, Petite Meller, Rivka Zohar, Echo, Ravid Plotnik, Hasof - the musical, Tamir Grinberg, Ester Rada, Retroband, Oded Paz, Marina Maximilian, Karolina, Shaanan Street, and many more.
As well, I have been privileged to participate in several TV appearances, such as “The Voice” & “The Rising Star“ (ISR 🇮🇱), “Che Tempo Che Fa“ (ITA 🇮🇹), and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“ (USA 🇺🇸)

In 2017 I joined Dennis Lloyd as a saxophonist and arranger on several world tours across North America, Europe and Australia. We performed at multiple world-renowned festivals, including Coachella (USA 🇺🇸), Montreux Jazz Festival (CH 🇨🇭) and MS Dockville (GER 🇩🇪).  


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